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Skin Care

Institut’ Dermed Facial Treatments
All treatments will begin with a complete skin consultation, including viewing the depths of your skin through our skin scanner, discussing concerns and achievable improvements. From this analysis, a personalized program is established allowing the therapist to recommend treatment and home care product options to optimize your results.
Deep relaxation and result orientated equals complete care – $85.00

Our 4 categories of facial treatments are:
Renewing: Anti-aging – Refine lines, rehydrating and preventative
Brightening: For hyper pigmentation – Instance radiance, evens skin tone
Soothing: For sensitive skin – Diffuse redness, strengthen fragile skin.
Clarifying: For problematic or oily skin – Detoxify, refresh, and re-texurize


A skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz. our estheticians use a small, sterile blade while holding the skin taught, swiping the blade in gentle upward motions. This is a relaxing session leaving your face feeling naked and smooth as a baby’s bum.

Dermaplaning – $60.00
Add on to a facial treatment – $35.00

Cosmetics Application

Strides uses and prescribes Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is healthy skin; that’s why everything that is developed by Jane Iredale is a true extension of skin care. At last, a makeup that’s good for the skin!
A touch of mineral makeup is complementary with any esthetic service

Base matching consultation – 15 min appt – Complimentary
Work with your professional to find your optimal foundation shade and formula.

$30.00 for 30min of dedicated time to focus on you. Polished and put
together; personalized. The $30 appointment cost goes towards retail
purchase at the time of your treatment.

Professional Mineral Makeup Application – $45.00

Be perfectly photogenic for any occasion with a weightless, long wearing professional application. Initial meeting for base matching before the date is included. The wedding party, Reunions, Anniversaries…

Hand & Foot Therapy


Strides Manicure – $40.00
A treat for your hands and nails. Cleanse and shape the nails, trim cuticles, massage and finish with a professional OPI polish.

OPI ProSpa Manicure – $50.00
Indulge with a revitalizing OPI ProSpa exfoliant scrub, nail and cuticle grooming,  soothing moisture mask, massage and finished with a professional OPI polish application.

Strides Pedicure – $50.00
The ultimate pampering for your sore, tired feet. Indulge with an soothing soak, nail grooming, cuticle trimming, lower leg and foot massage then finish with a professional OPI polish.

OPI ProSpa Pedicure – $60.00
Soothe, relax and pamper yourself with the ultimate pedicure experience.  The OPI ProSpa pedicure includes unparalleled callus softening, exfoliation and moisture and protection.  An extended massage to reduce stress, relieve tension will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.  Finish with a professional OPI polish.

Advance Pedicure – $70.00
For individuals who require extra foot care beyond our signature pedicures. Using special tools, products and techniques, our fully trained staff will provide a foot/skin analysis and correct/treat conditions (where possible), such as excessive callus, corns, cracks and thickened nails.

Men’s Pedicure – $40.00

Ingrown Toenail Brace Available – See technician

Kids Manicure – $15.00
Kids Pedicure – $20.00
Polish Change – $15.00
Toe Polish Change – $20.00
French Polish – Add $5.00

Photo Gallery

Gel Nails

Full Set – $60.00
Fill – $50.00
Gel Manicure – $50.00
Gel Pedicure – $60.00
Nail Removal – $25.00
Nail Fix – $5.00/Nail
Nail Booster Therapy – Add $10.00
Pedique Gel Enhancements (Gel for toes) – Full Set – $60.00 – Fill – $50.00
Nail Art – See technician

Spray Tanning

Norvell Spray Tanning – $40.00
Package of 3 – $99.00

Brows & Lashes

Eyebrow Microblading – $300.00 and up
Eyelash Extensions – $110.00
Lash Fill – $50.00 and up
Lash Lift & Tint – $60.00

Body Therapy

DerMed Back Treatment – $95.00
A relaxing and customized skin care treatment for oily or dehydrated skin for teens, men and women. Similar to a facial, but using skin care products formulated for the skin on your back, which is much tougher than the delicate skin on your face.

Waxing Services

Brow shaping – $13.00
Brow Tint with Shaping – $18.00
Lash Tint – $23.00
Lip – $8.00
Nostrils – $10.00
Chin – $10.00
Brow/Lip/Chin – $25.00
Sides of Face – $15.00
Underarms – $15.00
Arms – $40.00
½ Arms – $20.00
½ Leg – $30.00
Full Leg – $60.00
Bikini – $25.00
French Cut – $30.00
Brazilian – $50.00
Abdomen Trail – $15.00
Abdomen – $30.00
Back – $60.00
Chest – $45.00
Neck – $18.00
Shoulders – $25.00

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Strides Spa & Wellness Centre

The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen!
Many people don’t realize that pesticide residues are common on conventionally grown produce even after it is carefully washed or peeled! The Environmental Working Group evaluated thousands of samples of produce for the presence of different pesticides and pesticide breakdowns and found there are significant differences among various types of produce.
They developed a guide to help you including the Dirty Dozen (the fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residues) and the Clean Fifteen (few, if any residues were detected).
You should always try to eat fruits and veggies that are organic but when buying organic produce isn’t an option, this guide can help you choose which produce to buy organic or avoid and which is safe, to ensure you are having all the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and veggies while still limiting your exposure!
SWIPE —> to see Clean Fifteen
Check out for more info!

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Strides Spa & Wellness Centre

How to do it:
Eat all of your daily calories within a shortened window of 6-8 hours and then fast for the remaining 14-16 hours. You can do this every day or a few times per week. I stop eating around 6pm after my dinner meal and I don’t eat again until around 11am the next morning. I do have my coffee with coconut oil in the mornings. You can adjust your hours according to what works best for your lifestyle.
Benefits of Intermittent Fasting include:
- boosts weight loss
- increases energy
- reduces insulin resistance
- lowers bad cholesterol
- promotes longevity
- improves memory and boosts brain function
- makes cells more resilient and promotes cellular repair

Remember that intermittent fasting may not be for you. If you find yourself starving or having low energy in the mornings doing intermittent fasting or if you find that you are eating much more food or making unhealthy choices when you do eat, this method might not be best for you. People with low blood sugar, gallstones or are pregnant should avoid IF. Always consult with your doctor before implementing IF into your routine. 👩‍⚕️

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Strides Spa & Wellness Centre

Haven't been able to advertise and promote because it has been too busy. But everytime I do an Aromatouch Treatment I fall more in love with the oils and what they do for my clients. Interested in learning more or having a treatment done yourself? PM me! #selfcare #aromatouchtechnique #doterraessentialoils #lovemyjob💕 ... See MoreSee Less

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Strides Spa & Wellness Centre

Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and promote healthy teeth and gums. 🥥🦷
Oil pulling works by cleaning (detoxifying) the oral cavity in a similar way that soap cleans dirty dishes. It literally sucks the dirt (toxins) out of your mouth and creates a clean oral environment.🦷🥥
It has been shown to help with the following:
* Treating tooth decay
* Killing bad breath
* Heal bleeding gums
* Reduce inflammation
* Whiten teeth
* Soothe throat dryness
* Prevent cavities
* Heal cracked lips
* Boost the immune system
* Improve acne
* Strengthen gums and jaws
Swipe to learn how———-> 🥥🦷
Have you tried oil pulling? Did you like it?
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